Title Seminar Defense IBMA/LBGA, Academic Year 2012

Tuesday 29 th of January 2013

“…….Three Musketeers who came to the lab from different paths, but they found their confluence in DNA sequences, in gene expression and LBGA friendship ".

On the morning of Tuesday 29 th of January 2013 the public defense of seminar title of our thesis students was successfully held: Juan Carlos Retamal with the seminar "Molecular characterization of toll-like receptors (TLRs) and evaluating their gene expression levels in the urocordado Pyura chilensis exposed to Alexandrium catenella and Vibrio anguillarum”, Daniel Uribe with the seminar "Identification and characterization of SNPs associated with growth in red abalone Haliotis rufescensand Diego Valenzuela with the project " Evaluation of the immunogenic response of the Northern scallop, Argopecten purpuratus challenged to saxitoxin". Their research and findings allowed them to be awarded the highest rating and distinction that can be obtained by the evaluation committee. Congratulations!!!!

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