MiSeq – illumina


Friday, 3 rd of May 2013

Today, technological advances in genomic research allows that midsize laboratories can perform such complex analysis such as the decoding of entire genomes of species not models. In this scientific career our laboratory achieved a major milestone as it is the acquisition of a massive next-generation sequencing platform, an illumina MiSeq. The total cost of equipment was nearby 100 million pesos (USD200.000) funded through the INCAR-FONDAP, will allow LBGA to develop various applications such as sequencing of transcriptomes (RNA-seq), miRNAs, ChipSeq, novo sequencing of bacterial genomes, among others. In addition, for LBGA is an honor to be the first laboratory at the University of Concepción to have this technology, positioning our research group as one of the most important in Chile in aquaculture genomics.

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