Fish Experimental Unit

Located in Dichato 45 km from the city of Concepcion and units of the Marine Biological Station of the Department of Oceanography – UDEC, the Fish Experimental Unit (UNIEP) is a high standard laboratory biosecurity and purification technologies / water reuse implemented through funding FONDAP the Interdisciplinary Research Center in Aquaculture (INCAR). The UNIEP allows the development of aquaculture research in areas such as immunology, nutrition, reproduction and growth of aquatic organisms. The system has sea water and fresh water set to 4 lines, each with 5 tanks of 300 Lts for the maintenance and testing of marine fish and invertebrates. Additionally each line of ponds has a water recirculation system (biofiltration, sterilization and degassing), and independent temperature control. The UNIEP has an online monitoring system distance, and liquid oxygen generators and backup groups.

Research capacities

Pathogen / host interaction.

Nutrition and functional diets.


For more information contact Dr. Cristian Gallardo INCAR Universidad de Concepción